Portfolio : Can Dagarslani

Here is a selection from Can Dagarslani’s portfolio.

Can Dagarslani is a photographer based in Istanbul. Being an architect who was living the office life, he felt a need to discover a different way of viewing the world. He states his goal within his work is to provoke a feeling on the viewer.

Inspired by his architectural knowledge background and his admiration for Jean-Luc Godard, these elements have become key aspects defining his style. He fuses both architectural landscape in some of Europe’s most breathtaking cities with the soft and feminine side of women’s beauty.

His work deals with femininity which appears heavily in his work, however never feels sexualized, quite the opposite, in fact. The pictures are sensitive women’s portraits in delicate moments of self-indulgence. The soft lighting coupled with the casual, skin-revealing outfits leave both little and much to the imagination. The subject remains mostly anonymous, allowing people to fantasize their own significant others in her place or someone they wish to be their significant other. Poetic and poignant, the subject offers herself entirely.

Can’s work has been featured on several magazines and blogs such as Worbz, Girls On Film zine, Ignant and many others.

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