issue 08
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L' Apparition

by Sebastian Stadler • Editorial

Cuckoo Clock and Cherry Cake

by Anne-Sophie Stolz • Editorial

History of the Visit

by Daniel Reuter • Editorial

Portfolio: Cassidy Araiza

by Cassidy Araiza • Editorial

Un miglio - I cavalli hanno già mangiato e l’oca non si trova

by Ilaria Di Biagio • Editorial

Dew Dew, Dew its.

by Hiro Takana • Editorial


by Anne Bertrand • Editorial

Continous Days

by Dino Fracchia • Review


by Alberto Feijóo • Editorial

La Guajira

by Sarah Palmer • Editorial

People are overrated

by Hanna Antonsson • Editorial


by Maurizio Cogliandro • Editorial

Portfolio: Arianna Lago

by Arianna Lago • Editorial

Goan Women

by Sophie Brasey • Editorial

Olly Olly Oxen Free

by Bridget Collins • Editorial